Notice! Searches are only running while you have the search window/tab up and loaded. The search will stop if you close it.
  1. Is Item Alert Free?

    Yes! Item Alert is free now and for the foreseeable future, although you will need to register for a free account.
  2. How Do I Use Item Alert?

    Once you've registered and logged in, visit the quick search page to set up and start your search. Once your search starts running, new eBay listings will appear automatically in reverse chronological order. You also have the option to save your search. Saved searches can be managed in your account portal. Saved searches appear on the saved search page, where you can select multiple searches to run simulatanously in the same tab or window.
  3. How Often Does Item Alert Display Results?

    When your search is running, Item Alert checks for new listings every 15 seconds. New eBay listings are automatically loaded and displayed on the search results page in reverse chronological order. No refreshing required!
  4. What Notification Options Are There?

    Currently, Item Alert supports 3 types of notifications when new eBay listings are found. An audio cue can be played, an email can be sent, or the results can automatically open in new tabs, taking you directly to the eBay listing page. Use the toggles on the search results page to turn these on or off.
  5. Do I Need To Leave The Search Running?

    Yes, results are only being retrieved when a search is active and running in your browser. If you close the search results page you will no longer get notifications for that search. This is different than some other services that run your searches remotely, and email you periodically. Item Alert was designed for buyers who need down-to-the-second notifications for new eBay listings. Most of our users therefore use a dedicated browser tab 24 hours a day just for running Item Alert.
  6. Why Am I Getting So Many Emails?

    As mentioned above, Item Alert looks for new eBay listings every 15 seconds. For some eBay searches, this is an eternity. If your search is generic enough (e.g., "Apple", "Samsung", "Baseball") you will almost certainly get a new result every 15 seconds. Now, combine that with the email notification option, and you're looking at many emails every minute! Our advice is to first gauge how often new results come in, and only use email alerts for searches that rarely return new results.
  7. How Can I Prevent Some Items In The Results List?